Monday, May 23, 2011

What's Up (and a Discovery)

I've been a little out of blogging touch, as we've been working on the next phases of my website.  First of all, this blog will soon move over to  My site will have my favorite links, online booking for massage treatments, and my blog, all in one place.  SO much easier.

But wait -- there's more -- in the coming months we'll be introducing an online store, where you can purchase my massage and skincare products.  Great, natural, paraben- and other yucky stuff-free products.  More on that as it develops.

And I discovered that a favorite maker of beauty products -- who shall remain nameless...J.M... -- uses parabens and synthetic fragrances in its products.  Very disappointing to some of my friends who swear by this company...which is owned by Estee Lauder.  Lesson: if the full ingredients are not on its website, write to the company and ASK.  Keep that nasty stuff off of your skin!

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