Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Go Ahead and Sleep

There's nothing like getting a great massage.  But the next thing you know it, you're waking up and it's over!  Where did my massage go???

Many of my clients fall asleep on the table, and it's truly okay to fall asleep during a massage.  Your body still gets the full benefit of increased circulation, a boost to the immune system, and other benefits.

And if you're falling asleep on the table, you probably need it.  Too many of us are sleep deprived.  Michael Breus, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, recently blogged about sleep (or lack thereof) and its relationship to weight gain.  Lack of sleep drives us to eat poorly.  Not only that, it makes us irritable and dangerous on the road.

So go ahead and sleep.  Allow your body to restore itself naturally.

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