Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oleic, Linoleic, Linolenic, Oh My!

I've been boning up on my carrier oils and their benefits.  Although I have used jojoba and olive oil (infused with arnica) in my massages, I have been exploring some of the other oils out there.  I'm still learning, but here are some things I've found:

Apricot Kernel Oil
With a high percentage of oleic and linoleic acids, this oil is very good for sensitive and aging skin.  A base in many cosmetics.  As linoleic acid is one of the 2 essential fatty acids that we need for various biological processes, absorption of this oil through the skin can be beneficial to its health.  I use this in my skin care products.

Grape Seed Oil
Another oil with a high percentage of linoleic acid.  Grape seed oil is easily absorbed and has a somewhat astringent quality.  Good for sensitive skin.  I am eager to work with this oil to see how it performs in skin care tests.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil
Rich in fatty acids (98% long chain fatty acids), this oil is moisturizing and very good for damaged skin.  It may also provide some ultraviolet ray protection, and serves as a moisture barrer (i.e. keeps moisture in).  This is a sustainable oil, as the seeds are edible and are often served to animals after the oil has been expelled.  Meadowfoam is also a renewable crop and is planted in rotation with other crops.  I'm definitely going to check this one out!

What other oils have you used in your massage and skin care practices?  I'm eager to hear what you've learned.

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