Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh, My Aching Back!

After a long drive (and I drive a lot) or if I give massages without watching my body mechanics, my lower back can become sore.  This is a common complaint from my clients - sore lower back.

The truth is that muscles in the lower back have a large share of the responsibility to keep us upright.  Quadratus lumborum (or "QL") is a smallish muscle that attaches to the iliac crest and the lower rib.  It is very strong and works very, very hard to keep us upright, help us bend side to side, and even breathe.

What to do when it aches?  Try giving it a stretch, for one.  Lie on the floor and hold your knees to your chest, gently rock side to side, breathe.  You can also gently rub your back.  Take your palm and slowly but firmly press into your back starting just to the side of your spine, traveling around to your side.  Repeat and then move to the other side.  This goes across the muscle fibers and helps to break up adhesions.  You can do the same movement traveling on one side of the spine from just below your lower rib to the iliac crest (the back of your pelvic bone).

Of course, you can also see a professional!

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