Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tapotement Relaxing? Really?

Yes, indeed!  Okay, you've seen the movie about the sports star about to go into the final game/race/round.  He is getting a pre-event massage from a burly therapist (or the coach).  The therapist is hacking away at the star's back, rhythmically pounding, getting him ready for the big game/race/round.

Tapotement is a great technique not only for stimulating the nervous system, but also for improving circulation, loosening mucus in the lungs, and with other massage techniques breaking up fatty deposits.

And there's a twist (doesn't everything have a twist these days?): After 30-60 seconds, tapotement takes a turn and begins to calm the nervous system.  Yes, that pounding/hacking/cupping calms the nervous system and promotes relaxation.

So, the next time you're preparing your star (or being prepared yourself) for the field/ring, make it a short tapotement session.  Save the 30-minute percussion for after the trophies.

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