Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How About a Little Shiatsu?

Have you ever had a shiatsu massage?  If you haven't, you've missed a real treat.

Established in Japan, shiatsu is a bodywork modality with an aim of opening up energetic pathways (meridians) and moving blood and energy ("Qi" pronounced "CHEE").  The work follows the same principals as acupuncture and addresses the same points on the body.

The session includes work on these points, rocking and stretching, compression, and other moves. Shiatsu is traditionally performed on a mat on the floor, with both therapist and client wearing loose clothing, like sweats and a T-shirt.

I still remember the first shiatsu treatment I ever received, just before I began massage school.  It was so therapeutic; I remember walking home, thinking, "I'm transformed."

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